A scandal full of harsh words took place between Cristian Ghinea, the former minister of European Funds, and Alexandru Rafila, the current minister of Health. The quarrel focuses on the money spent from PNRR, and the two accuse each other of lying.

The Ministry of Health has decided to allocate 20 million euros to the World Health Organization for advice in order to build hospitals financed by PNRR.

Former Minister Cristian Ghinea accuses Alexandru Rafila of directing money to the organization he belonged to until last year. And this after PSD criticized Ghinea precisely for the very large amounts provided in PNRR for consulting. „When you’re a hypocrite and your club explodes in a cutter. PSD lied like pigs about consulting and PNRR. They accused me and spoiled me for free. (…) Because … what to see … you really need skilled people and that costs. (…) Rafila, for the shit said about me, for my honor I will die with you by the neck! You really steal the money from there. The magnifying glass is on you. Iexpertule ”, Cristian Ghinea wrote on Facebook.

In reply, the Minister of Health claims that he made savings when it comes to PNRR consulting and emphasizes that he was chosen for his professional merits to represent Romania in the World Health Organization, by its members. „I was not an WHO employee, but I believe that I served my country with honor, dignity and professionalism! P.S. The clarifications are not for those who, although they know the real situation, made slander their only political project, but for people of good faith „, Alexandru Rafila transmitted on Facebook.

The conflict between the two has erupted since the formation of the current coalition and has always focused on how the National Recovery and Resilience Program was developed.

USR accuses, in a press release, the PSD Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, that he signed a „shelf” contract to provide € 21 million for advice to the World Health Organization, where he was employed as a management by 2021. In reply, the Minister said that he complied with the EU Directive, which provides that it is recommended to use the technical assistance provided by WHO in order to meet the milestones required by PNRR.

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Source: digi24.ro


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