Following the budget rectification, the parties will receive even more money. The Government’s press office confirmed for Free Europe that the Permanent Electoral Authority will receive in addition, after the approval of the budget rectification, no less than 24.4 million lei.

The approach comes after the request of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), which requested an increase in the subsidy for political parties with parliamentary and local representation.

According to AEP data, the parties spent last year only half of the amount received as a budget subsidy, and over 122 million lei remained in the party treasury. The financial situation has shown that parties receive more money than they can spend, but public money has helped parties heavily fund the press.

The budget of the EPA for 2022, from which the institution operates and the grant for parties is transferred, is 234 million lei. To this budget will be added the 24.4 million lei.

Leaders of the big parties say each year that they will significantly reduce the subsidy, but official data show that the statements are only political and have no coverage in reality.

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