The miserable exit of the President of Romania Klaus Werner Iohannis by announcing to us suddenly from Brussels that Romania will not boycott Austria and that Romania will not attack the European Court of Justice veto-Austria’s accession to Romania’s Schengen area did not surprise me at all. I was not surprised by the servitude of the Ciuca government, which through the voice of its spokesman assured us that, God forbid, how to boycott our wonderful country Austria! But what was the attitude of our leading intellectuals, Gabriel Liiceanu, Andrei Pleșu or Horia Roman Patapievici?

They deafened us with their peace! Well, how to swear at the Austrians … it’s not good!

Instead, the employees of the system, whom we have known for over 30 years, the late Cristian Tudor Popescu, explain to us that we Romanians are bigger thieves than Austrians and that, God, Austria is more innocent than Snow White. But what to ask of an idiot like Popescu, who in June 1990,he wrote love affairs to the miners of Miron Cosma who had come to break into the University Square and mutilate and kill the leaders of historical parties and anti-communist intellectuals. Cristian Tudor Popescu was in order in 1990, as it is now, in 2022.

I sincerely wonder, however, how much shit our temporary country president, Klaus Werner Iohannis, can eat. This insignificant character was seen by the most influential part of our Secret Services as the ideal president to be at the head of Romania when the country celebrated the Centenary of national unity. No electoral calculation can explain how he won between the two rounds two million votes in the slum and the sleeping of Iohannis, in front of Victor Ponta, another specimen guided by SIE and friend with influential families such as those of Liviu Maior, Ioan Rus, Ion Țiriac, etc. But the decision was made. Iohannis, the honest and Transylvanian German in opposition to the mythical PSD member Ponta was enthroned president, not for a term, but for a decade!

But Klaus Werner Iohannis knows how he became president and knows how to listen to those who made him president. If the centenary’s manifestations were as they were  when we should have celebrated 100 years since the international consecration of Romania’s borders by the Treaty of Trianon of July 31, 1921, it could not be that he did not want Iohannis. Not to „offend” Austria and Hungary, the descendants of the thief named Austria-Hungary. Even those from the Romanian Academy were punched in the mouth to cancel several festivities, including a symphonic music concert in Trianon. Let Austria not be upset, let Hungary not be upset, although the hypocrite was chosen by Romanian citizens, not Austrians or Hungarians. But unfortunately many Romanians have the gene of bad servants in them, the foreigner is better, the Romanian is worse, how the successor to the Cisnadie watchmaker is no better than any other Romanian. But what does K.W.I boast about in 8 years of office? Did Romania enter Schengen? Not. Did he raise the big firefly, the strategic partner of Romania, USA, visas for Romanians? Not. Did Romania Iohannis protect the country for 30 years? Not.

Instead, OMV-Petrom made a net profit of 4.646 billion lei in 2022, ie almost one billion euros, BCR-ERSTE Bank 2.8 billion lei profit this year, to which you add the shameless profits of Austrian insurance companies VIG together with GRAWE, which together hold 30 % from the Romanian insurance market. Woe is me, but how can we disturb the Austrians and prevent them from further robbing this country?!

Didn’t Iohannis change the offshore law initiated by Liviu Dragnea that stipulated  then  that for 70 % of gas and oil exploited in the Black Sea, Romania has the right of pre-emption which has been modified twice  at the initiative of Ludovic Orban and Mihai Tudose, and the great offshore law, initiated by traitors and voted by the sheep in Parliament now provides that Romania has the right of pre-emption for only 30 % of the fuel to be extracted. That’s why Liviu Dragnea and the good co-fagul Klaus Iohannis were bad.

But of course, traitors receive money, functions and protection. That only not the Romanians, those who voted for him as stupid sheep, Iohannis is based.

And the time for statements is coming! Klaus, think about the last years of Basescu’s term…

On February 28, 1785, Horia and Cloșca were killed in agony in the outskirts of Alba Iulia in front of the Austrian army and several thousand Romanians who were forcibly brought to see the horrible massacre. After their killing by the gypsy executioner Grancea Rackozi, their bodies, like Crișan’s, were dismantled and exhibited in four Romanian localities, also for the fright of Romanians.

The governor of Transylvania was the Austrian Baron Samuel von Brukhenthtal. The operation of capturing the leaders of the Romanian uprising  Samuel’s nephew, Commissioner Mihai Brukenthal, took care of him. He also gave a popular meal in the pub Kis Pipa, a meal offered to Romanian traitors – in number of seven – brothers Ion, Natu, Gheorghe, Vasile, Matieș and three others from Trif’s family. In addition, the Orthodox archpriest Adamovich received a golden cross, and the rest of the traitors a hundred yellows and liberation from serfdom. That was their price! The families of the traitors know each other in Transylvania to this day and have asked to leave the villages of origin.

Today we no longer have Samuel von Brukenthal, we have Klaus Iohannis who made a statue of his ancestor, we no longer have Mihai Brukenthal, but Ludovic Orban, we no longer have the other traitors, but the new ones with houses in Monaco and Miami.

Big garbage then and now!



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