An investigation conducted by Save the Children Romania shows that more than 2 from 5 children in Romania, namely 44 %, do not have parents with them at home. They go to work abroad, and a sample taken during the investigation shows that only 7 % intends to take their children with them.

Data of an investigation conducted by Save the Children Romania in December 2021, on a sample of persons in whose care 855 children remained with parents who went to work abroad, beneficiaries of Save the Children programs, show that the intention to take the child abroad, together with the parent / parents gone, occurs only in the case of 7 % among the children in the sample.

Many of the departed parents do not even intend to return to Romania for good

For most cases (79 %) there is no such perspective, the difference being the situations in which the parents have not yet made a decision in this regard. Although the percentage of children for whom there is a prospect of moving abroad with their parents is low (only 7 %), we notice that many of the departed parents do not even intend to return permanently to Romania (41 %), while 38 % have such an intention, and in other cases no decision has been taken in this regard.

Among the factors that could contribute to the decision of final return to the country, the most frequently invoked is the labor market (jobs, salary conditions) – 39 %, followed by the improvement of the health system (24 %) and the improvement of the general social climate / political life (20 %).

In this context, Save the Children Romania announces that it runs, during August, the month with the most returns of Romanians working abroad, a parent-child quality time awareness campaign.

As part of the campaign, more than 400 children and adults around them, returned parents from abroad, parents or other caregivers of children in the country will participate in recreational activities, outdoor and indoor socializing and counseling supported by Save the Children, psychologists, teachers and social workers. In addition to the six localities where the educational centers Save the Children from the five counties operate, Suceava, Iaşi, Negreşti, Petrila, Lupeni, Sighişoara, the campaign was extended to 15 other rural localities, with reduced access to information and counseling services, through mobile teams in the program.

Map of areas with the most children with parents who went to work abroad

76,170 children are in the care of relatives or a parent in the country, after adults go to work abroad, official statistics show, which include only children in the records of public social assistance services, according to Save the Children Romania.

Most children left alone at home are in the counties:

  • 1. Suceava – 6,518
  • 2. Botoșani – 5,025
  • 3. Iasi – 4,855
  • 4. Neamț – 4,019
  • 5. Bacău – 3,809
  • 6. Prahova – 3,196
  • 7. Galați – 3,067
  • 8. Vaslui – 2,919
  • 9. Constanța – 2,765
  • 10. Maramureș – 2,064

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