Labor Minister Marius Budai said on Monday that the pension coupons for January 2023, which provide for increased pensions, are already being printed.

„The pension coupons for January 2023 are already being printed, which provide for increased pensions, but also for on-off aid, the first tranche of which is granted in the first month of the year, wrote, on Monday, on Facebook, Marius Budai.

The Minister reminds that the value of the pension point will be 1,785 lei starting with 1 January 2023.

It also reminds that the aid, payable in two installments, is 1,000 lei for pensions under 1,500 lei, of 800 lei for those between 1,501 lei and 2,000 lei and of 600 lei for those between 2,001 lei and 3,000 lei.

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