The damage of some thieves from Ialomița who took advantage of a holiday covers no less than 70 tons of harvest. They harvested 30 hectares of sunflower.

Damage covers 30 hectares and amounts to about 210,000 lei, according to representatives of the damaged farm who appeal to fellow farmers, local authorities and simple citizens in the area who, if they saw anything suspicious in the last days – including loaded trucks, let the police know from Ciochina locality, Ialomița county.

Within the company Agromec Balaciu from Ciochina commune, Ialomița county, the thieves managed to harvest the sunflower crop and disappeared with a huge amount of production, without anyone seeing them. The company’s employees were preparing to start harvesting on Wednesday, but on Tuesday, when they went to the field to see if the conditions were right for the harvest, they had a shock. Much of the crop had already been harvested.

For the company from Ialomița County, the damage is huge. In addition to the loss of money he could obtain from the harvest, the company is also seen in the face of the delicate situation of not being able to honor part of the concluded contracts.

After the theft, the representatives of Agromec Balaciu immediately announced the Ciochina Police. Law enforcement has filed a complaint, and today a team will go to the field to make the necessary measurements to determine how the theft occurred. Meanwhile, until the police find out, the farm’s activity is blocked in terms of harvesting for the rest of the production that escaped the thieves.

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