Sc Supercom’s sanitation operator cars are stuck in traffic between two and four hours each day, and in some areas they are not even allowed access due to the infrastructure works that started in Bistrita. This inevitably leads to the offsetting of the program in terms of waste collection activity from beneficiaries.

In the context of the situation created by the infrastructure works, citizens are asked to be understanding with any delays that occur and also, where the operator is not allowed to reach the front of the gate, the collection containers are removed to the access road. When the infrastructure works are completed and access is allowed, the activity will be honored as provided.

We make efforts for the beneficiaries to enjoy our services, even in situations that do not allow us to carry out the activity in normal conditions.

We provide citizens with our full availability and whenever needed, please contact us at the email address : bistrita @, by telephone number: 0263.944 (Dispatched), or free of charge by Tel Verde: 0800800268.


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