Romanians have started looking for alternative solutions due to rising gas prices. Some put money aside, others isolate their homes, and those who stay at home make a supply of wood.

The gentleman in the pictures is retired and has a house that he heated last winter only with methane gas. However, the bills were so large that this year it decided to change the heating source.

Gabriel Illes, retired: Last winter it cost us a lot of gas and we went for half a month with gas, half a month without gas, it depended on the outside temperature. If it was colder, I would turn on the gas, but I would save money. Now we tried to get some wood, more in the spring. He bought 14 sterile meters of wood, at a price of 400 lei per meter, but he is not sure that they will reach him. He also changed a few windows, on a triple-layer system, to minimize heat loss. He says the price of wood is constantly rising.

Gabriel Illes, retired: It’s double the past years, or, if we go back 7 – 8 years, 3 – 4 times more now the price. The explosive rise in the price of natural gas has also aroused interest in heat pumps. They also have a yield of 6 to 1, ie six thermal kilowatts per electric kilowatt, but suppliers say there are big supply problems.

Iosif Noja, director of the installation company: Due to the demand on the market in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, the manufacturer does not cope and then we estimate as delivery time somewhere in the middle of next year for those interested.

Bogdan Băcilă, Digi24 journalist: Another solution at hand is the economy during the summer, and the money you save now, when the bills are lower, to be used in winter. Whatever the solution adopted by Romanians, it is clear that a new cold season awaits us with emotions in terms of bills. Market specialists say that not everyone will benefit from the support measures announced by the government.

Mihai Vilt, energy supplier representative: However, the capped value at this date is four times lower than the market prices and from my point of view it is unsustainable for the Romanian Government to support all this burden. Most likely, it will go on a variant of raising the ceiling or restricting it, ie not even all non-household consumers included.

In the previous cold season, the Government allocated 360 million lei to the town halls in the country with a centralized heating system. In terms of maintenance cost, it will be at least as high as last season.

Dan Cretu, spokesman Termofification Oradea: From the discussions with the mayor’s office we will try to maintain the price at the level of last year. A problem facing the heating company in Oradea is the reluctance of suppliers to sell natural gas. The reason is the delay with which the Romanian state compensates for the gas price, which could lead to the situation that the large centralized systems do not have enough methane gas in winter.

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