Several files are to be transposed in electronic format, their evaluation being in full swing. Once the whole process is completed, the next step will be to increase the pension point.

The director of the County Pension House (CJP) Suceava, Constantin Boliacu, announced that in order to optimally transpose the files in electronic format pensions 30 people were employed.

Of the total 150,000 files, more than 92,000 were transposed in electronic format.

„The changes that have taken place and are being implemented are such that, by unifying the legislation, inequities will be eliminated, so that between the pensions of persons who have worked in the same unit, under the same conditions and for an equal period of time, there will be no such large discrepancies.

When the pension point will increase

The director of CJP Suceava also specified that by the end of the year, all data from the paper files will be entered into the computer.

„I believe that by the end of the year we will complete the evaluation of all registered files, we will continue to be concerned with increasing the pension point, allowances and aid, according to the legal provisions, Constantin Boliacu also said.

The head of the Suceava County Council specified that by entering the data in an electronic system, at any time the entire history of the insurer can be accessed, from the first day from the employment until his last day of service.

The 30 positions were assigned to the County Pension House in order to implement the legislative measures that dream of the action of evaluating the files from the public pension system. Of these, 24 positions were for people with higher education and 6 for people with secondary education, beginners.

The employment on these positions was made for a certain period, starting with September 2021 and until December 31, 2022, writes

We remind you that the Minister of Labor, Marius Budai, announced that all pensions will be recalculated by the end of the year.

„At the same time, we continue to take over from the approximately 5 million files, we pass them all, we take them tab by tab, we separate them, contributory period, non-contributory, permanent sports, non-permanent sports, amounts of money that were taken or were part of the calculation basis „, said the Minister of Labor.

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