This year, many Romanians have chosen to go on holiday abroad, and this means that many of the local locations that were normally invaded by tourists are slightly more empty. Therefore, during this period you will be able to relax and have a lot of fun in Romania. Below, you will find a list of 6 activities that you can try in the next period, from walks 100 meters underground to steam train journeys.

Take a walk on Transfăgărășan

After the old team from Top Gear called Transfăgărășan as the most beautiful road in the world, the route began to be visited annually by tourists from all over the world. The speed limit on the 92 kilometers is 40 km / h, but due to the column, it can be traveled in approximately 3 – 4 hours. During this time you will have the opportunity to observe the picturesque landscapes around the Făgăraș Mountains. The most spectacular place on Transfăgărășan is Bâlea Lac, located at an altitude of 2,200 meters.

Travel by steam train

A steam train journey Mocănița through the Vaser Valley in Maramureș is a completely unique experience in our country. This former railway was built for logging, but over time it became an unparalleled tourist attraction. The journey takes 3 hours and crosses many valleys, hills and forests, and the only way to reach these beauties is to use the old Mocănița steam train.

Visit the largest building in Europe

You may have passed Parliament Palace many times, but have you ever been curious to see the interior? Maybe she’s not one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Romania, but it is a unique and imposing edifice. The People’s House has 4,500 chandeliers installed in the 1000 rooms, which are arranged on 12 floors. Depending on the tour you opt for, you will have the opportunity to see more or less of what is inside, but experience will help you become aware of the grandeur of this gigantic edifice.

Have fun 100 meters below ground level

Salt mine Turda Salt Mine dates back to the time of the Roman Empire and was later transformed into a place of recreation. There, you will be able to take a round with a wheel of entertainment, you will be able to play bowling, golf, but one of the most unique experiences is a boat ride on the inland lake. The temperature is much lower than on the surface, so take an extra row of clothes with you. Remember that the time spent there comes with many health benefits, especially for respiratory problems.

Reconnect with nature

Of all the places where you can go for relaxation and reconnect with nature, the Danube Delta is by far the best option. More than 300 species of birds live there, along with thousands of other animals and plants. You will have the opportunity to go boating on many canals and have unique culinary experiences. If you are passionate about photography, it is impossible not to leave there with a few dozen or even hundreds of framed pictures. To get to the Danube Delta, you will have to go to Tulcea, from where you can take the ferry or a boat.

Take a walk to the height

In Brașov, you can take the cable car to reach the top in a few tens of seconds Tâmpa mountain, where you can walk on a few trails, if you don’t want to go up or down. Upstairs, you will also find a restaurant if you want to dine. In addition, you will be able to walk high and while visiting the Citadel on the Strait, but also the hills around the historic center of the city, where you will find many restaurants and cafes that will give you an absolutely beautiful view.


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