Goal bets are the simplest types of bets. The most popular variants are betting over and under 2.5 goals. At bets over 2.5 goals you bet the winner if in the match were scored a minimum of 3 goals, no matter who will score them, in the end you must have 3 goals at least. Extensions are not taken into account and only gaps that are marked until extensions are considered.

How should these bets be analyzed?

At less than 2.5 goals you win the bet if you score two maximum goals per match. But they will be marked only during the regular playing time. And at the score of 0 – 0 we have winning bet. The great advantage of both types of bets is that you have only two possibilities, you have 50 % real chances of winning. If you combine it with Superbet bonus without deposit, the strong chances of losing are zero. And if you compare it to the 1X2 bet, you have a very good chance.

Statistics are somewhat on your side and probabilities as well. If you have the team with eight matches out of 10 matches finished with over 2.5 goals, the chances of betting over 2.5 winning goals are high. So the probability is higher to have over 2.5 goals per game than if you bet under 2.5 goals.

When you score more goals often, you bet over 2.5 goals, you will not bet against under 2.5 goals, the chances of betting over 2.5 goals increase quickly when you have quite unbalanced matches. In the big championships where you will score many goals you will have more goals, so the probabilities will be higher for over 2.5 goals.

Probabilities are no longer relevant when bookmakers offer a low odds of 1.40, so bets over and under 2.5 goals should no longer be in your attention. The higher probability of betting over 2.5 goals can also be justified by the fact that in many matches you can score more goals and if you have the option under 2.5 goals with maximum 2 goals you have a chance to lose very quickly and always keep your heart out whenever you start betting on your favorite matches.

Over or under 2.5 goals, what’s more likely?

The answer to the question is, as we have already seen, a very clear one. However, the probabilities are quite volatile as well and you don’t always have to rely on that. You may be more likely to make good winnings at, under 2.5 goals if you don’t have good teams on the field or there are weak games from the first minutes of the game. Although logic tells you that under 2.5 maximum goals 2 goals per game would have a higher probability of occurrence, in reality, in the best championships you don’t really get to have only two goals and they always have three, maybe five, and you don’t want to lose, do you?


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