Bistrița City Hall is looking for a company to implement Active Directory, a hierarchical structure of information, used for locating, securing, managing and organizing the resources of workstations and networks. For this she is willing to take out of the treasury no less than 30,000 lei.

The municipality intends to purchase Active Directory implementation services in the existing computer system, respectively design-planning, installation, configuration, commissioning and testing and maintenance. Basically, the company that will seize the 30,000 lei must put order in the computer system of Bistrița City Hall, for a year. It is about 15 locations, 350 users and as many workstations.

„The main purpose of the implementation is to provide an Active Directory infrastructure that meets the needs of user authentication and management of equipment and computer applications in the Bistrița City Hall data network, it is shown in the specifications of the public auction.

Among the things the winning company has to do are: sharing physical resources and files, through rules and methods of sharing, treating errors, through procedures, configurations and diagnostic technologies, disaster backup and recovery through procedures, configurations and flexible fast recovery technologies from any mistakes, corruption and cyber attacks.

The municipality thus makes order in the computer system, once implemented this program, employees will no longer be able to install software, will be able to use controlled media storage units, and access to various files and programs will also be restricted.

The company that will win the auction has less than a month to implement the program. In order to participate in the auction, LLCs need at least 4 IT-ists and quality management systems certifications.

The town hall prepares a data center in a former thermal point

The municipality has several projects in progress that come to help digitize the institution, many of them being prepared since the time of former mayor Ovidiu Cretu.

For example, in the former thermal point on Gării Street at number 30, Bistrița City Hall wants to arrange a data center. The respective data center would host the servers that will store the Bistrița City Hall databases for various digital systems, such as the municipality’s electronic archive, which requires physical conditions of authorization, physical security or fire safety, traffic monitoring systems, citizen safety, new garbage collection platforms.

„We intend to integrate the Bistrița City Hall databases with the databases of other institutions, we suffer enormously due to the lack of interoperability. The opportunity related to this location is given by easy access by linking the data center with other important nodes in the city through the fiber optic network. This data center involves the creation of a network in the form of a spider web, which will link this data center to other institutions or locations.

The building, being built on a configuration of concrete pillars, allows the compartmentalization of the interior space, the state of the resistance structure is good, as it appears from an expertise made in 2014. Inside the building there is a traffic junction, and its relocation consists enormously. Instead, it does not confuse us at all if we will set up a data center there „, explains the mayor Ioan Turc, in a meeting of Local Council.

Also this year, Bistrița City Hall acquired with over 200,000 lei a system of access control and video monitoring, for all the buildings in which the structures subordinated to the mayor operate. 

With this money, 13 rooms were installed and an access / installation control system was installed in 21 locations. The images provided by the camera allow the identification of the person, without the facial recognition functionality, as well as the date and time when the time is timed. The data is stored for 30 days.

„This system will monitor the entrances and exits of Bistrița City Hall. Electronic timekeeping will also be done, which will raise the level of discipline in the City Hall. The main body is the priority, where most employees of Bistrița City Hall work „, said in February, Mayor Ioan Turc.

The interface of one million lei

Last year, Bistrița City Hall also „machied” its official website, with no less than one million lei, from European funds. The auction was organized since the time of former mayor Ovidiu Cretu, and the contract also involved the delivery of hard equipment and 11 computer applications designed to facilitate the citizen’s interaction with the local administration.

Several applications are integrated in the new Bistrița City Hall web portal, meant to help you solve some of the things you had at the municipality with just one click and without having to physically move to the institution.

Applications include an online payment, from your phone, for taxes and fees, an application for the online issuance of tax certificates, an application for submitting and consulting online declarations for local taxes and fees, an online consultation application of the „personal file” with documents issued by the local tax authority, an application for online submission of petitions or an application that allows you to consult / view online the history of the citizen’s interaction with the online authority.

A GIS application is also provided for the online reporting of failures and other damages incurred at the various existing public facilities, as well as an application for participatory budgeting. Many of the applications are not yet operational, although more than a year has passed since then.

The new site has a section dedicated to urbanism and one to online parking. Online petitions, consultations, surveys and public questionnaires will be able to be submitted through the site.

More public information has disappeared from the new site, such as the declarations of assets and interests of officials, the construction and urbanism certificates issued and even the mobile phones of the bosses from Bistrița City Hall, which you could find on the old platform.

The Bistrița City Hall website, but also the financial-accounting management program used by the Local Police of Bistrița municipality is handled by Indeco Soft Baia Mare, who also got their hands on several contracts  from Bistrița City Hall during the past year and this year.

Andreea Moldovan


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